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Filatura Bertoglio Italo s.a.s. was founded by Mr. Italo in 1946 in a building along the Cervo river in Biella . In 1961 he moved in the industrial area of Maglioleo where it is today.

Since 70 years the family works in order to increase, in a way gradual but steady, the production capacity of the company, with a focus on continuous improvement of product quality according to the highest standards of the "Made in Italy".

Even in recent years, characterized by a general block of the investments, Carded Spinning  Bertoglio has opened a new plant for rationalizing the best production to produce all types of traditional carded yarns.

The company has always been sensitive to environmental and sustainability, in fact it has 3 photovoltaic plants with a total green power of 400kw.


The Filatura Bertoglio has the full cycle of production of a carded spinning mill with Blending, Carding, Spinning, Winding or Cardorocca

The company also has a modern Laboratory for the analysis of yarn and a large Warehouse to guarantee customers a global service .

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