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Filatura Bertoglio Italo s.a.s. was founded by Mr. Italo in 1946 in a building along the Cervo river in Biella. In 1961 he moved in the industrial area of Maglioleo where it is today.

Since 70 years the family works in order to increase, in a way gradual but steady, the production capacity of the company, with a focus on continuous improvement of product quality according to the highest standards of the "Made in Italy".

Even in recent years, characterized by a general block of the investments, Carded Spinning  Bertoglio has opened a new plant for rationalizing the best production to produce all types of traditional carded yarns.


We can work, by commission or on own account, from 3.5 to 36 metric count in each composition, in particular mixed with:
• Wool
• Cashmere
• Fine fibers like angora, camel, alpaca and silk 100% or an intimate mixture.
• Mixed wool with Nylon, Viscose, Cotton ...

We also can produce Tweed, Knoppy's and Malfile yarns. 
We can delved the semifinisched roving on cones useful for the production of very soft articles.
The total capacity is distributed in 8 sets of carde and 3000 spindles winding Schlaforts 338,  X5 and Autoconer 6 thermo splicers with electronic slubs.

The great flexibility we have it's apt to produce small lots end work in exclusivity if request.
The sets of card, related to the raw materials or died works on separated divisions.

The company has recently made ​​another step forward for obtaining GOTS certification. All of the working processes of Filatura Bertoglio comply with the strict parameters required. 
The final control of the yarn it's tested in our laboraty by Uster Tester 4 and Uster Tensojet, we can also provide the dying with the support of a commision dyeing.

The company, very sensitive to Eco/system, setted up three photovoltaic plants for a total green power of 400 kw.

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